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Board of Review

A Board of Review is not the assessor and the assessor is not the Board of Review. Every citizen who appears before the Board of Review is in fact challenging a decision of the assessor and it is the Board of Review’s responsibility to make an independent judgment based on the facts and on law.*

Authorities and Responsibilities:
Examines and reviews the assessment roll for the current year as prepared by the supervisor/assessor. Adds property omitted from the assessment roll. Corrects errors in names, descriptions of property, and the assessment and valuation of property. Hears taxpayer appeals. Endorses the assessment roll. **

For more information:Board of Review

Board of Review Payment Policy

Chairperson: Tim Miller                Job Description

E-mail: Office Phone: 517-547-7786

 Kevin Wilson, Steve Dinius, Patricia Wilson (alternate), Irma David-non-voting secretary

March 2017 Board of Review Meetings at the Rollin Township Hall

Tax Assessments for property are mailed March 1, 2016. Property owners are advised to study this notice carefully. Remember: Taxes are calculated on the taxable value.

Assessor Phone Hours (517-547-7786): Wednesday, March 8th 10 am to 5 pm.

On Tuesday, March 7th, there will be an organizational meeting for the Board of Review at noon at the Rollin Township Hall.

Monday March 13: 1-4 p.m., 6-9 p.m. (Taxpayer Appeals)

Tuesday March 14: 1-4 p.m., 6-9 p.m(Taxpayer Appeals)

NOTE: Written appeals (mail, e-mail or fax) received by March 14th will be considered by the Board of Review.

Township Fax: 517-547-4788

December 13, 2016 Board of Review Meeting

Winter 2015 Tax Assessments for property were mailed by December 1, 2016

The Board of Review met at noon, December 13th to review and correct any clerical errors or mistakes on the tax roll.

Downloadable Documents (also available at the Township Hall)

Board of Review Payment Policy

Application for Hardship/Poverty Exemption

Poverty Exemption Rules & Regulations

Principle Residence Exemption (PRE) Form

PRE Form Instructions

Rescind Principle Residence Exemption (PRE) Form & Instructions


The Board of Review is required to meet in March of each year. If there is business to conduct, the Board of Review shall also meet in July or December or both July and December.
March meeting:
There are two required meetings of the March Board of Review. They shall meet on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in March for the purpose of an organizational meeting. The Board of Review shall also meet on the second Monday in March for the purpose of hearing taxpayer appeals. The governing body of a Township may authorize an alternative starting date for this meeting, either the Tuesday or the Wednesday following the second Monday in March. Other dates for public hearings may be scheduled in accordance with Act 267. P.A. 1976, Open Meetings Act.
July meeting:
The July Board meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July if there is business to conduct. An alternative start date may be approved by resolution but it has to be during this week.

December meeting:
The December Board may also meet on the Tuesday following the first Monday in December to review and correct any clerical errors or mistakes on the tax roll.

    * *Source:
  • Bauckham, John; Authorities and Responsibilities of Michigan Township Officials, Boards & Commissions; Michigan Township Association, 2000; pgs. 85-87, 108.

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