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Addison Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
Fire ADDM: (Emergency)- dial 911

Fire Department-Fire ADDM: (Non Emergency)- (517) 547-6776

Burning Waste Materials

There are restrictions on burning waste materials. A burn permit mustbe obtained by calling the Addison Fire Board at 547-6776. Recycling is encouraged.

Rollin Township Ordinance No. 19: Outdoor Burning (revised 2013)

Addison Fire Board

Addison Fire Board * January 16, 2017

The Addison Fire Board met on Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Addison Fire Station.

Fire Board.01.16.17.pdf

The Addison Fire Board usually meets on the third Monday of the month. Meetings begin at 8 p.m.. The next regular meeting will be Monday, February 20th.

Minutes of the this meeting will be posted after they are approved the following month.

The Free Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to view            Fire Board Minutes.

If you do not already have Adobe Reader, download it free: Click here.

Fire Board.01.16.17.pdf

Fire Board.12.19.16.pdf

Fire Board.11.23.16.pdf.

Fire Board.11.21.16.pdf (meeting change)

Fire Board.10.19.16.pdf

Fire Board.9.26.16.pdf

Fire Board.8.15.16.pdf

Fire Board.7.18.16.pdf

Fire Board.6.20.16.pdf

Fire Board.5.16.16.pdf

Fire Board.4.25.16.pdf

Fire Board.3.31.16.pdf

Fire Board.2.15.16.pdf

Fire Board.1.18.16.pdf

Fire Board.12.21.15.pdf

Fire Board.11.16.15.pdf

Fire Board.10.19.15.pdf

Fire Board.9.21.15.pdf

Fire Board.8.17.15.pdf

Fire Board.7.20.15.pdf

Fire Board.6.22.15.pdf

Fire Board.5.18.15.pdf

Fire Board.4.20.15.pdf

Fire Board.3.30.15.pdf

Fire Board.2.25.15.pdf

Fire Board.1.19.15.pdf

Fire Board.12.15.14.pdf

Fire Board.11.17.14.pdf

Fire Board.10.20.14.pdf

Fire Board.9.24.14.pdf

Fire Board.9.15.14.pdf

Fire Board.8.26.14.pdf

Fire Board.8.18.14.pdf

Fire Board.7.29.14.pdf

Fire Board.6.16.14.pdf

Fire Board.5.19.14.pdf

Fire Board.4.21.14.pdf

Fire Board.3.17.14.pdf

Fire Board.2.17.14.pdf

Fire Board.1.20.14.pd

Fire Board.12.16.13.pdf

Fire Board.11.18.13.pdf

Fire Board.10.21.13.pd

Fire Board.9.16.13.pdf

Special Fire Board Meeting.8.26.13.pdf

Fire Board.8.19.13.pdf

Fire Board.7.15.13.pdf

Fire Board.6.17.13.pdf

Fire Board.5.20.13.pdf

Fire Board.4.15.13.pdf

Fire Board.3.18.13.pdf

Fire Board.2.18.13.pdf

Fire Board.1.21.13.pdf

Fire Board.12.17.12.pdf

Fire Board.11.19.12.pdf

Fire Board.10.15.12.pdf

Fire Board.9.17.12.pdf

Fire Board.8.20.12.pdf

Fire Board.7.16.12.pdf

Fire Board.6.18.12.pdf

Fire Board.5.24.12.pdf

Fire Board.4.16.12.pdf

Fire Board.3.19.12.pdf

Fire Board.2.20.12.pdf

Fire Board.1.16.12.pdf

Fire Board.12.19.11.pdf  

Fire Board.11.21.11.pdf   

Fire Board.10.17.11.pdf   

Fire Board.9.21.11.pdf

Fire Board.8.15.11.pdf

Fire Board.7.18.11.pdf

Fire Board.5.16.11.pdf

Fire Board.4.18.11.pdf

Fire Board.3.21.11.pdf

Fire Board.2.21.11.pdf

Fire Board.1.17.11.pdf

Fire Board.12.20.10.pdf

Fire Board.11.15.10.pdf

Fire Board.10.18.10.pdf

Fire Board.9.20.10.pdf

Fire Board.8.16.10.pdf

Fire Board.7.19.10.pdf

Fire Board.6.21.10.pdf

Fire Board.5.17.10.pdf

Fire Board.4.19.10.pdf

Fire Board.3.15.10.pdf

Fire Board.2.15.10.pdf

Fire Board Minutes.1.10.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.12.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.11.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.10.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.9.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.8.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.7.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.6.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.5.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.3.16.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.2.16.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.1.19.09.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.12.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.11.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.10.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.9.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.8.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.7.08.pdf.

Fire Board Minutes.6.08.pdf.

Fire Station Photo

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