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Waste Removal

Environmental Cleanup & Tire Collection Day * September 10, 2016

A Household Environmental Waste Collection Day is being hosted by Lenawee County Solid Waste Dept.(tires, empty propane tanks, packaging materials), Habitat for Humanity (working and non-working household non-freon based appliances), Goodwill Industries (miscellaneous household items), At Ease LP, Greenjak and Dart. This event is scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 8:00 am 12:00 pm at 3 locations.NO TV's or freon-based appliances will be accepted. Electronics will only be collected by Goodwill.

September 10, 2016 Lenawee County Environmental Cleanup Details

Township Transfer Station


Winter hours for the township transfer station will begin Saturday, May 1, 2016. The station will be open from 9 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. through October..

Refuse may be taken to the Rollin Township Transfer Station by Rollin township and Hudson residents and property owners on Saturdays(see time schedule below).

Winter:       November through April           Saturdays  Noon – 4 pm

Summer:       May through October           Saturdays    9 am – 4 pm

There is a fee for using the transfer station which varies depending on the size and weight of items. The fee for each tire or battery is $2.00. NO SEMI-TRUCK or TRACTOR TIRES! TV sets, appliances, mattresses, furniture and electronic items are also accepted. Freeon must be removed from appliances before they will be accepted.

Click here for Transfer Station Price List.

Plant and yard waste is accepted for composting. It may be emptied by residents from a truck or trailer, or brought in bags. Brush may also be dropped off.

As of June 1, 2016, the Transfer Station will no longer accept residents or contractors bringing dump vehicles of demolition and construction materials.

Appointments can be made to use the transfer station outside regular Saturday times. Call the township hall (547-7786) and leave a message for Tim Miller to arrange a time.

The Transfer Station is located on the West side of Rollin Highway, just North of Forrister Road. It is a non-profit collection point for waste and discarded items for Rollin Township and Hudson residents and property owners. Fees are collected and metals are recycled to help offset costs of operation.

Township Commercial Refuse Removal

Refuse must be removed on a regular basis. You can contract with one of the refuse collection agencies that serve the Township area or take your refuse to the transfer station. Two waste removal companies that pick up trash from residences once weekly are listed below. Seasonal residents may contract for summer pickup only.

Great Lakes Waste Services:  517- 265-1335
Modern Waste Systems:  888-788-9097 (Offers curbside recycling free of charge included in pickup.)

Outdoor Burning Ordinance/Permits

There are restrictions on burning waste materials. A burn permit must be obtained by calling the Addison Fire Board at 547-6776. Recycling is encouraged (see below).

Click on the link below for Rollin Township's revised (Oct. 2013) Outdoor Burning Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 19: Outdoor Burning (revised 2013)

Township Recycling

The Rollin/Hudson Township transfer station will accept recyclable items (newspapers; magazines; cardboard; glass, plastic and metal) in clear plastic bags for the same bag fee charged for non-recyclable items. Recyclable item bags will be separated from the rest of the waste after it is picked up by Modern Waste for processing.

Adrian Habitat Restore Recycles Electronics

Habitat for Humanity Restore in Adrian has begun accepting electronics for recycling. The store at 2811 Treat Highway, just north of US 223, sells donated home repair and home furnishing items at low cost and uses the funds to support Habitat projects. Items accepted include TV's, computers and monitors, printers, cell phones, game consoles, iPods and MP3 players. All electronic items are accepted free of charge, with no money paid for the items.

Restore hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Computers and Peripherals

Computers and peripherals are accepted by Goodwill, located next to Lowe's, in Adrian. They do not accept TV sets.

Rollin-Woodstock and Posey Lake Sanitary Drains

Residential buildings in Rollin Township are connected to sewers or septic systems depending on their location. Sewer bills are distributed quarterly from the Rollin Township clerk’s office. Questions regarding sewer bills should be directed to the clerk at 547-7786, ext. 20. Please do not call the waste water treatment plant.

Policies such as fees and past due penalties, regarding the Rollin-Woodstock and Posey Lake Sanitary Drains are governed by the Public Acts of Michigan (1933), Act 94, as amended and the Public Acts of Michigan (1956), Act 40, as amended.

Sewer bills are mailed quarterly, on or about January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.
Payments are late for each quarter, if not received or postmarked by January 25th, April 25th, July 25th, or October 25th. A 10% penalty is added if payments are received past the due date. Failure to receive a bill does not waive past due penalties.

Posey Lake sewer invoices are billed for the following quarter (paying ahead). Rollin-Woodstock accounts are billed in arrears, for past quarter usage.

Payments should be sent to the township at P.O. Box 297; Manitou Beach, MI 49253. They may also be made in person to the treasurer at the township hall on Tuesdays from 2:30-6 p.m. or Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or dropped into the mail slot on east door of the township hall.

Computer-users may pay sewer bills with an internet check. Contact the bank for details. Internet checks are submitted for payment at the end of the billing cycle, on or shortly after the 25th of January, April, July, or October.

It is also possible to set up automatic payment of sewer bills. This option eliminates the need to issue a check for payment, automatically charging your checking or savings account (whichever you choose) on the payment due date.

The form with instructions and details can be found on the Downloadable Forms and Documents page. Click on the link below to access this document.

Automatic Sewer Bill Payment Form

On or about the last Friday in September, all delinquent sewer accounts are added to the Winter Tax Roll. Any late sewer payments made after that occurs will be credited to the current customer account (not removed from the winter tax invoice).

CHANGE OF ADDRESS or PROPERTY OWNERSHIP: Please notify the township clerk immediately, regarding changes in mailing addresses or property ownership.


  Have questions about your sewer payments? Lost your invoice? Need to know payment history?

   It is now possible to access your own sewer bill and information free of charge online. Click on the link below for more information.

Click here for details on how to access your sewer bill account online.

Capping of Sewers/ Bond Debt

If a sewer is temporarily or permanently capped, home owners should notify the Rollin Township Clerk and submit proof of capping immediately. The Lenawee County Drain Commission usually forwards capping documents to the township, but homeowners are encouraged to verify that this has been done. When a sewer is capped, the bond debt ($40.50 per parcel) will continue to be charged. The current bond debt will be paid off in October of 2021.

Sewers and Septic Tanks

All sanitary waste disposal fields and septic tanks must conform to Lenawee County Health Department standards.

  Click here for Rollin Twp. sewer and septic information.

For additional information on waste removal, county drains, sewer and septic systems, click below:

Lenawee County Drain Commission (Water and Sewer).

For important general information about Sewer and Septic Systems, click below:

Drain Commission Sewer System Important Information Brochure

2013 Posey Lake Drain * Right of Way Vegetation Management

Owners of property located along the Posey Lake Drain should have received a letter dated June 4th from the Lenawee County Drain Commissioner. It announced plans for clearing vegetation from the drain right of way in June, July, August and September, 2013.Copies of the letter and a brochure explaining this process are at the links below.

Drain Right of Way Brochure

Letter from Drain Commissioner.6.4.13


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